About us

The first fan projects under the name FOOTBALL FANS were created in 2006. The recipients were a small group of the most ardent supporters (colloquially they were called “kumaci” in those days). Designs and quality of workmanship gathered only positive opinions. Seeing great interest and passion i our products, the company was launched in 2008. For 3.5 years, we have published dozens of projects and we made hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothing that we sold all over Europe.

In 2021, we decided to reactivate the brand. The scheme of the company was the same, with a slight refreshed coats of arms of the CLASSICA and ACTION lines. In our assortment every football fan will find something for themselves. We hope that the older fans who were loyal to the FF brand will now also appreciate the quality of our clothes and they will stay with us forever!

A new collection is already in the process of being created. Stay tuned!